Quarter Life Crisis And How To Beat It

We, who grew up in the age of the internet have had so many choices to set up our life with, which none of the generations before us had. Although we are termed to be the laziest generation, I believe it is us who deal with the most complicated relationships, career choices, health, social and other aspects of our lives. I came across this term -‘ Quarter-life crisis’ quite recently and that is when I realized that I have been through it too. I might still be in it, but I am trying to handle it better now. So here I am trying to introduce to you what a quarter-life crisis is, what are its indicators, what leads to a quarter-life crisis, and how you can deal with it.

Quarter-Life Crisis

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Quarter-Life Crisis

What is Quarter Life Crisis?

A quarter-life crisis is like an identity crisis. It is a confusion between the choices that we are trying to make. What should we focus on? Should we focus on money which defines the parameters of success in the world or should we choose fulfillment and serenity which we desire? It is about choosing between fitting in and standing out. It is the confusion between doing what the previous generation expects us to do or what the world would need next. A quarter-life crisis is being stuck in a place you feel you do not belong.

The world has changed exponentially in the past 2 decades. The way it works has changed but unfortunately, the tools we were provided with to deal with the world are obsolete. Our education prepares us for a life that our previous generation was living but fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t know yet, we have moved beyond that.

Quarter-Life Crisis

What Are the Indicators of a Quarter-Life Crisis?

We are not being able to utilize our most productive years because of this quarter-life crisis, but what actually leads to it? We are blissfully ignorant of what causes it. It is not that it is unidentifiable but we just do not pay attention to the subtle indicators. So let’s take a thorough look at the indicators of a quarter-life crisis.

  1. You have fear of being left behind.
  2. You don’t feel energetic most of the times.
  3. You keep doubting every path you start on
  4. You listen to anyone who can give you tips on quick success.
  5. You lack motivation.
  6. You are in a state of confusion between going for your dreams or settling down
  7. You always feel something is missing even when you have achieved a lot.
  8. You are not being able to take decisions on your own.
  9. You struggle with stress, anxiety and/or depression.

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Quarter-Life Crisis

What Leads To A Quarter-Life Crisis?

  1. Self-doubt and low self-esteem. It may sound very obvious but this can be one of the major reasons leading to this issue.
  2. Starting to live alone for the first time and distance from the known comfort zone.
  3. Issues in personal relationships. Getting into or leaving a relationship can be really taxing.
  4. Colleagues or friends posting about their recent achievements/ fun moments.
  5. Struggling with emotional or mental health issues.
  6. High expectations of yourself and the world around.
  7. Availability of innumerable choices leading to indecisiveness.
  8. Pressure of proving yourself and meet the expectations of people around you.
  9. Being unclear of your goals.
  10. Traumatic and unforeseen incidences.
Quarter-Life Crisis

How To Beat Quarter Life Crisis?

First let me assure you that if you are facing these symptoms, you are not alone and this is not the end. You will be able to steer through this and to help you with it here are a few tips.

  1. Decrease the influence of social media on your life. Social media is just filtered happy moments of people’s life and not the truth they are going through. The entire world is a great actor. We all act so well of being happy on the social media. The truth however is that most don’t even know what actually makes them happy.Understand this and avoid overuse of social media.
  2. Look inward and identify your purpose. It is important to create goals that align with your life purpose. But how can you create a goal if you do not even understand yourself and what you want. Take a pause an explore yourself. (Self-Exploration Journal)
  3. Stop comparing yourself with others. Being insecure about yourself and your position would lead to lower self-esteem and create self-doubt.
  4. Use the HEART model of goal setting and read the 5-M theory of achieving your goals.
  5. Focus more on what you want rather than what people want from you.
  6. Take breaks and give time to yourself. Over-working will only make things worse.
  7. Be consistent when you find your purpose. People may say you are doing it all wrong but listen to your heart and let the light within guide you. I am not saying that there will not be challenges but keep going.
  8. Redefine your attitude towards adversities. They will help you reach your full potential.

Quarter-Life Crisis is very real and not things that millennials just made up to laze around. The mental and emotional pressures are too much and you need to be assured that you are not alone. The majority of millennials are facing this confusion day in and out. Start spending time with yourself and learn how to identify your purpose in life in order to deal with this crisis. All will be good in the future.