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Vampires, not many would believe in their existence but the existence of energy vampires can be felt by each and every one of us. These people do not have extended canine teeth or a blood-thirsty look on their faces, but they exist. They exist between you and me, even when they do not look frightening and not easy to identify, they are walking amongst us and affecting our lives.

So what are energy vampires? and what are they looking for?

Energy Vampires are people who feed upon the energies of other people to refill their depleted energies. These are people surrounded with all negative emotions and when they are around you they make you feel negative and depleted too. They feed upon your positive energy to balance themselves. as water flows from a higher to a lower level so does energy. So if you have high and positive energy and a person with low and negative energy enters your energy space, the positive from you would try to negate the negative in them.

Think about this, if you are a very optimistic person who always sees the brightest sun and a friend you have always sees the cloud, wouldn’t you try to shine brighter and help them see the light? And this effort would take some part of your energy which even you need to refill at some point in time. But now imagine this happening without your conscious knowledge or your consent.

Energy vampires stay around you because they feel good when they are around you. Your positive energy keeps them in balance. The effect though is that you feel depleted, tired, exhausted, negative, and down.

Identifying Energy Vampires:

There are a few signs that may help you to identify the energy vampires in your life.

  1. These people are extremely negative in their approach. Nothing ever seems good enough for them . They would always complain and create arguments. They love to bring down the energies of other people to their level as it makes them uncomfortable when anyone progresses or holds higher energy around them.
  2. The people who are chronically depressed and sad all the time can also deplete your energy as you would want to help them get better all the time. These people are not overbearing as negative people but very subtly they would suck up your energy. At times you may feel you are making progress and they are getting better , but the fact is that this depressed sad state has become a comfort zone for them and they do not want to leave their comfort zone anymore. They are needy people who need your positive energy around to balance themselves and would make no effort to create their own positive auras.
  3. Some times identifying energy vampires can become very tricky as they may not mean to suck up your energy and might be just lost souls with a void in their hearts. When people are trying to fill a void in their life they may fill it with your energy as they are just searching for something better for themselves. They may become an energy vampire for temporary period but once the void is filled they are capable of creating their own energy and would no longer be an energy vampire. If your dealing with such people and want to help them , you should find some alternative ways to recharge yourselves before and after you meet them.
  4. Then there are people who are just looking for an adrenaline rush. Since they are not able to get that from their own lives , they create a stir in your life. To them the chaos creates and energy they want , but for you it becomes a cost to pay.
  5. Some energy vampires are more dangerous than others and the ones we are talking about next are certainly extremely dangerous. These are people who are filled with anger and would not hesitate to take it out on you. To protect yourself you would try to create a shield and these people feed on that shield. These are people who want to put you down and would go to any extent to do so. If you have any such person in your life , the only way to save yourself is cut off.
  6. Another kind of energy vampires are people who talk a lot. They may keep talking and talking and never let you speak. When you keep on listening to them you spend your energy for thing which may not be productive or infact may be counter productive. Unknowingly they may end up taking a lot of energy from you.

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