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How Energy Vampires Affect You and How To Deal With Them | Divya Toshniwal |

Energy Vampires are people who suck up your energies to thrive or feel better about themselves. Before you understand how the energy vampires affect you or how you can deal with them, you first need to understand what are energy vampires and how to identify them.

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Energy vampires affect you on different levels and disturb various aspects of your life.

Effects of Energy Vampires On Your Physical Body

  1. You feel tired and drained around them.
  2. You feel stressed
  3. You may feel headaches or body aches around them.
  4. If you allow yourself to be completely drained you may feel nausea or you may feel like puking.
  5. You may feel your body shaking or shivering
  6. You may feel sweaty.
  7. It may cause you to feel hungry even when you are full. (this may cause weight issues at later stages)

Effects of Energy Vampires on Your Emotions

  1. You feel upset without any particular reason for it.
  2. The negative people may create feelings of inferiority in you.
  3. They may create a belief that you are not good enough.
  4. They create drama in your life where you start believing that nothing is going right in your life.
  5. The angry energy vampires may make you feel helpless and weak.
  6. You may lose touch of you positive thoughts and start believing in the negative.

Effects of Energy Vampires On your Mental Health

  1. You may feel depressed and stressed all the time when you are around them.
  2. Some energy vampires have overbearing nature which may make you anxious.
  3. Constant contact with an energy vampire may create eating disorders as they make you feel hungry even when you are full.
  4. Energy Vampires may create a sense of self doubt and inefficiency in you , leading to inferiority complex.

Dealing With Energy Vampires

We have already seen how drastically these energy vampires can affect your life. So when you have successfully identified the energy vampires in your life you also have to now know how to deal with them in order to minimize their impact on your life.

1. The first step to dealing with negative people and energy vampires is the awareness and alertness that you can develop for them. Trust your instincts in such matters. Evaluate logically all the symptoms that the people around you show and observe keenly. It does not mean that doubt on every person you are with, but, if you feel low particularly around someone, become alert.

2. Increase your aura and positive energy. This is the next best thing you need to do. It is not even necessary to have an energy vampire around to take this step in life. Filling yourself with positive energy and increasing your aura can be rewarding in many ways. Start by spending more time with positive thoughts, books, channels, people, and you. Meditation can be a good way to find abundant positive energy.

3. Do not internalize everything any person says to you. No matter what the people around you say to you, make your belief in yourself unshakeable. Whenever you come across statements that put you down, be more logical about them and do not be burdened under emotions.

4. The next step is to limit your time with the energy vampires. If you believe that someone is taking up a lot of energy from your life and that you don’t want them to, you need to stop spending excessive time with them. The relations you have need not be broken if you know how to manage them. Be with them for only as much time as you can be ok with. It is ok to create distance between yourself and people who are not good for your progress.

5. When you are around energy vampires it’s better to turn around their energy. If they do not have much negative energy, they wouldn’t be affecting you much. A good way to go about that is by having conversations about things they love or are interested in. This will turn their energy around and help you deal with them better.

6. Sometimes it becomes tough to handle the energy vampires because you try to be the better person and help. You try to raise your energy and give them as much as you can and that may be a very noble task, but, it is damaging for you in the long run. It takes a lot of effort, years of training, and a great amount of self-awareness to do so. Do not indulge in the passion of giving until you are sure you can handle it well.

7. Keep your physical body healthy. Your energy body and physical body is connected and hence a weak physical body would make your energy levels weaker too. So while you are working on uplifting your positive energy also work on improving your physical health.

8. Take walks in nature alone. Allow nature to heal you, to ground you, whenever your body feels heavy with negative energy. Do some form of yoga or meditation along with it to boost the healing process.

9. Do things that you like. Self-care is an important aspect of dealing with energy vampires. Indulge into a hobby, pamper yourself, take breaks, read a good book, or do whatever uplifts your mood.

These pointers would help you deal with the energy vampires better the next time you are around them.

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