The COMPREHEND model of goal setting is an expansion of the SMART model that covers more factors relevant to today's needs. Here are a few ways you can use it to set goals for academic success:

CLARITY:  Instead of taking up the task of performing better this year, define what you want to achieve. Say how much you want to score in numbers or grades.

OWNERSHIP: When you have a goal take ownership of it and attend classes, seek clarification on doubts.

MEASURABLE: Define how much you want to score, how much your attendance should etc. in quantifiable targets. You should be able to measure your progress.

PLAN: Schedule your week strategically. Focusing on managing assignments, preparations, projects and so on. Do not forget to plan required breaks.

RESILIENCE: You are bound to face challenges to develop resilience and strategies to overcome those challenges.

ENVIRONMENT: Consider the external factors around you to change them according to your need. The friends and people around you, whether you need quiet space of chit chat while studying, are ou a group person of self-study person and so on.

HABITS: Build habits that will help you achieve your goals. To learn more on how you can do that SWIPE UP

EVALUATE: Assess your progress regularly. Conduct weekly reviews to evaluate yourself.

NETWORK: Leverage academic network for support. Find study groups, participate in projects with faculty and so on.

DEADLINE: Use a planner to set realistic deadlines. Breakdown your goals into smaller tasks.

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