Let's create habits for academic success using an Effect-Ease Mastery Matrix.

In this matrix, the y-axis represents the effectiveness of the habit, and the x-axis represents the ease of implementation.

Quadrant 1: High Effectiveness, High Ease

Spend 15 minutes each day reviewing class notes and summarizing key concepts.

Break study sessions into focused 25-minute intervals followed by a 5-minute break.

Quadrant 2: High Effectiveness, Low Ease

Dedicate 2 hours per week to in-depth study sessions for challenging subjects.

Create visual concept maps to connect and organize ideas.

Quadrant 3: Low Effectiveness, High Ease

Create  concise recap notes after each class for a quick review. Quick recap notes are easy to create but may be less effective for in-depth understanding.

Listen to podcasts related to academic subjects during daily commutes.

Quadrant 4: Low Effectiveness, Low Ease

Attempting to multitask during lectures or study sessions.

Cramming the Night Before Exams. Waiting until the last minute to study for exams.

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