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The Habit Building Tool :EEMM 

By Divya Toshniwal

Goal setting is easy but to work on them and achieve them, we need dedication, consistency, and habits.

The Effect-Ease Mastery Matrix is a tool that helps individuals evaluate and categorize habits based on two critical dimensions: Effectiveness in achieving your goals (vertical axis) and Easiness to incorporate and continue (horizontal axis).

Quadrant 1: Balanced Achievers

These are habits that are easy to incorporate and at the same time have high impact on achieving your goals

Quadrant 2: Challenging Champions

These are habits that have high impact on your goals but are not that easy to incorporate and take much higher efforts.

Quadrant 3: Struggle Zone

These are habits that are neither easy to incorporate not that effective in achieving your goals. 

Quadrant 4: Effortless Essentials

In the last quadrant lies habits that are easy to incorporate but do not have a  direct effect or high impact on your goals.

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