Depression : Vijay Antony's Daughter Dies By Suicide

A 16-year-old girl was found hanging by the ceiling.  Studying in standard 12 , Vijay Antony's daughter Meera was supposedly gripped by depression.

Teenagers who have just begun their lives, who haven't yet gone through the ups and downs in the world are so engrossed in their own life that any diversion from the expected creates a phase of depression in their life

Where are we going as a society and what are we not being able to handle causing the youth today to take such extreme measures.

Awareness about mental health, about depression is necessary . along with that we should also identify the root causes of such incidences as a society. 

Are we as parents doing something wrong in bringing up our kids? Trying to fulfill all their wishes and desires such that they cannot handle rejections and failures?

Are we burdening them with our dreams and expectations such that they cannot open up to share their dreams?

Engaged in our own drama are we not giving them enough quality time , putting them at verge of loneliness, or worse, a bad company.

We need to answer these tough questions and work on bringing up our children with strong mental and emotional health.