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6 Ways To Grow Out Of Your Comfort Zone

By Divya Toshniwal

Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone

Till the time you are comfortable in your own space, you will not grow because comfort brings familiarity and a known lifestyle with it.

So move out of the comfort zone and face your fears, build your confidence and stop being affected by what others think of you. Believe in yourself.

Put your body through discomfort. Extend your workout routines and make your body sweat. Make your body work a little harder than it works comfortably.

Do the opposite of what your temperament tells you to. If you are an introvert, try and go out to meet new people. If you are and extrovert sit down quietly and read a book or try to meditate.

Coach yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. Get a life coach who can guide you to set new goals and paths to achieve them, so that you keep moving even when you are not motivated enough.

Learn something new everyday. There will be new obstacles everyday and you need to learn new ways out of your problems every day. So keep learning new things even when you are not ready for them.

Break the old patterns. "This is how it is done" or "I have always done it this way" are the worst things you can tell to yourself or to the world. Just because you have a set pattern and it has worked doesn't mean it is right and will work in the future too

Hang out with people who are like minded. Be with people who are ready to grow out of their comfort zone. Stay away from people who pull you back.

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