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6 Ways To Earn Passive Income In India

By Divya Toshniwal

With inflation hitting an all-time high and the requirements for basics increasing, we have realized that one source of income isn't quite enough for living a desirable life.

Taking 2 jobs though is not always an option, and even if you do, it is kind of killing your life. To resolve this problem, the best option is to create a passive source of income.

To simplify the idea of passive income - Work once, create the content and let it float in the world for people to discover.

1. Blog

As a blogger myself, I can say that one of the best ways to do this is to create a blog. To take it to the next level you can learn SEO and other blogging tools very easily. Select your niche and just start building your blog. You can start a blog for free or choose to buy your own domain name.

2. Vlog

 If you have content, you can easily create vlogs on YouTube. You can choose to show your face or create faceless videos. 

3. Podcast

Another trend that has picked up is the trend for podcasts. Much like a radio talk show, podcasts are audio logs for whatever content you want to send out in the world. People today love to listen to podcasts and audiobooks while traveling, driving, etc.

4. Write A Book

This isn't as easy as the last 3 but if you have content that you can share with the world, with a little deeper knowledge on writing, and you are ready to put some extra effort, then writing a book can become a very good source of passive income.

5. Photography

If you are good with a camera, this opportunity is for you. Create your own image bank. Websites like Shutterstock Contributor pay you every time anyone downloads your pictures from their website.

6. Design Templates

Now the entire world is going digital. If you design templates, you can easily earn royalty from websites like Canva. You can also build your own store on Etsy for the same.

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