What are Energy Vampires?

By Divya Toshniwal

Do you ever feel exhausted around some people. Has it ever happened that you were perfectly happy but then a little meeting or conversation with a person just turned your day down?

If so - beware- you are around an energy vampire.

These are people surrounded with all negative emotions and when they are around you they make you feel negative and depleted too.

They love to bring down the energies of other people to their level as it makes them uncomfortable when anyone progresses or holds higher energy around them.

If you have high and positive energy and a person with low and negative energy enters your energy space, the positive from you would try to negate the negative in them.

Energy vampires stay around you because they feel good when they are around you. Your positive energy keeps them in balance.

Then there are people who are just looking for an adrenaline rush. Since they are not able to get that from their own lives , they create a stir in your life.

These are people who want to put you down and would go to any extent to do so.

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