Signs Of Unhealed Trauma

By DIvya Toshniwal

Trauma is any disturbing and distressing events  in life that leave a long-lasting psychological impact on you.

Even when traumatic memories are hidden from the consciousness of a person there are many signs that can indicate unhealed trauma. Some of the most common include:

The first sign is substance abuse or addiction of anything that can possibly help you brush things under carpet, even when they are harmful for you.

Negative changes in mood and emotions, such as depression, anxiety, or irritability. There is also self-doubt and a feeling of worthlessness.

You may be hypervigilant, like always on edge. It may also impact your sleep patterns and you may have issues like insomnia.

Constant feelings of loneliness, depression,  detachment from people and avoiding people and gatherings to eliminate any triggers of trauma.

Trauma may also lead to physical pain. Hence any unexplained and constant physical illness may  be a sign of unhealed trauma.

Flashback or nightmares relating to and sometimes also unrelated to the trauma.

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