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10 Myths About Minimalism

By Divya Toshniwal

Getting into a minimalist lifestyle means giving up everything you own.

Myth 1

Minimalism only guides you to remove the things that add no value in your life. It's not about deprivation but about choosing to live with less but valuable possessions


Minimalism is equal to frugal living.

Myth 2

Minimalism is not about washing your jeans once a month or flushing the toilet once in a day or skipping dessert during a meal. Minimalism is about improving your quality of life, not depriving you of your comfort.


Being minimalist means that you cannot have collections or hobbies.

Myth 3

Minimalism allows you to have more of what you love by cutting down on things you don't love. By eliminating things you don't love you can find more money and time for things you love.


A minimalist home has white walls and minimalists wear only white and light colors.

Myth 4

Minimalism is not living in a white and cold uninviting atmosphere. You can have colors, you can have books, you can also have cushions, mugs, wall art and anything that helps you find peace and happiness.


You have to own only a limited number of items.

Myth 5

It doesn't have to be 37 pieces of clothing or a total of 100 items. There are some who would prefer to have a limited number of items but that does not mean that you have to do the same. Minimalism only guides you to have things that you use.


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