Impact of Gaslighting On Employee Mental Health

Gaslighting is a form of abuse that has transgressed the realms of romantic relationships to the relationships at work.

Gaslighting causes emotional distress and can lead to heightened anxiety, depression, and feelings of worthlessness in the employees.

Gaslighting erodes self-esteem by making individuals doubt their abilities, judgment, and overall self-worth. 

The consistent invalidation and undermining of their thoughts and experiences can leave them feeling inadequate and unimportant.

Gaslighting creates a stressful work environment as employees constantly feel on edge because of gaslighter's manipulative tactics. This chronic stress can lead to physical symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, and digestive issues.

Gaslighting at work often isolates individuals from their support networks. Gaslighters may create doubt about the victim's credibility, making them feel like nobody else will believe or support them. This can lead to depression and loneliness.

The constant gaslighting and manipulation disrupt the clarity of thought and can lead to difficulties in performing tasks effectively. This impacts the employee's decision-making abilities and cognitive functioning.

Gaslighting damages an individual's trust in themselves and others. Victims may struggle to trust their own judgment and intuition, and this lack of confidence can spill over into other areas of their personal and professional lives.

In some cases, gaslighting at work can also lead to post-traumatic stress symptoms. The continuous manipulation, emotional abuse, and undermining of reality can result in flashbacks, hypervigilance, and a heightened state of arousal, similar to what individuals experience after traumatic events.

It is important to acknowledge the impact of gaslighting at work on mental health and provide support to individuals who have experienced or are experiencing gaslighting at workplace.

Creating a safe and supportive environment that promotes open communication, validation, and empowerment can help deal with the damaging effects of gaslighting and foster a healthier workplace culture.