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How To Simplify Your Home: 5 Decluttering Methods

By Divya Toshniwal

Minimalism is all about being content. The realization is important that to be content you do not need to have loads and loads of stuff in your life is important

Minimalism pulls us out from this compulsion to measure our personalities by the things we own. It helps you analyze where your life is cluttered and clear out the mess. Here is where the action starts-- Decluttering.

KonMari Method was proposed by Marie Kondo. The basis of this method lies in one question- ' Does It, Spark Joy?'If you are not in love with it and it's not essential you can let it go.

The KonMari Method

It is a 30-day challenge where you let go of 1 item on the first day, 2 items on the second day, 3 items on third day......... and 30 items on the 30th day. This way you can let go of 465 items and declutter your home without putting a burden on any single day.

Minimalism Game

This method is more of a maintenance method. It involves getting rid of one item every time you bring a new item into your home. This helps to keep your possessions at a manageable level.

One In, One Out

List down every item from your home that you use for the next 45 days. After 45 days keep aside the things you have used and make another pile for the things you have not used.

Use It Or Lose It

This method involves finding 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate, and 12 items to be returned to their proper place in your home, all within 12 minutes. This method helps you quickly make decisions and get started on decluttering.

12-12-12 Challenge

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