Relatioship Coaching

How To Leave an Unwanted Situationship

By Divya Toshniwal

A situationship is when you have a romantic relationship where the status of your relationship is not defined

While a situationship can be a mutual unsaid decision between two people, sometimes you may get into one without knowing it consciously.

To get out of an unwanted situationship you can take into consideration the following points :

 Be honest with yourself about whether this situationship/ relationship is meeting your needs or is it taking away more from you than it can give back.

Accept your feelings and acknowledge them:

Have an honest conversation. If you have decided that you want to end this situationship for the better, you need to have an honest conversation with your partner.

Communicate honestly:

 There may be situations when your partner does not want to end things and may persuade you to stay in the situationship. You should set clear boundaries and declare them to your partner.

Set Boundaries:

Anything and everything that is hampering your peace of mind and impacting you negatively in any way need to go. The most important thing is self-care.

Focus on self-care:

Taking help from others is not a bad thing. Take help from your friends and family or take professional support from a counselor or relationship coach.

Do not hesitate to take support:

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