Statements to Help You Identify Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or group makes someone doubt their own thoughts, memories, and perceptions.

The gaslighter might use tactics such as denying the victim's experiences, trivializing their feelings, lying, or manipulating their environment to make them question their own sanity.

Gaslighting can take many forms, and the statements used by gaslighters can vary depending on the situation and the relationship between the gaslighter and the victim.

Here are some statements that will help you identify if you are being gaslighted

 "That didn't happen, you're just imagining things."

"You're too sensitive, you're overreacting."

"Everyone else thinks you're wrong/overreacting." or  "No one likes you , they don't want to talk to you"

You're remembering it wrong.You can't trust your own memory"

"You are being irrational and you are just trying to start a fight"

"Only I know what is best for you. You can't trust your own judgement"

These types of statements can be used to make the victim doubt themselves and their own perceptions of reality.

It can be difficult for victims to recognize gaslighting because it often happens gradually and subtly over time, and the gaslighter may seem convincing or manipulative. It's important to trust your own experiences and seek help if you feel like you're being gaslighted