Life Coaching

How to Beat FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out

By Divya Toshniwal

FOMO is the anxiety you feel when you see someone achieving something or enjoying life  and the inadequacy you feel about your own achievements and life.

Fear of missing out is a real problem and can snatch away the blissful happy state you were in , just in a few seconds. Here are a few ways you can beat FOMO: 

The first step in coping up with FOMO is to understand that it is not a monster but a messenger. A messenger that is secretly telling you to look into what is wrong.

Stop comparing your life with that of others. Every person has their own journey, their own ups and downs, and their own destination.

Check your use of social media and control it. The biggest hurdle in coping up with FOMO is the extensive usage of social media

Learn to find your purpose and stick to it no matter what the people around you say. Remember no one else is living your life. You are.

Maintain a facts journal to control your negative thoughts. Most of what we feel in the FOMO experience is due to negative self-beliefs and hence it is important to find these patterns and replace them with positive self-beliefs.

Understand that happiness is not dependent on a single variable. It is in fact a complicated combination of so many things that happen simultaneously in your life.

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