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Skyrocket Your Career: Guide for a Successful Career Change

By Divya Toshniwal

Be true to yourself. Have clarity on why you want to change your career path. Make sure they resonate with your long term goals.

Measure the risk involved with a career change and the risk you are actually willing to take. Do a SWOT analysis.

Leverage your passion. Keep the fire burning as changing to a new career will take more commitment and dedication than your previous one.

Develop the skills needed for your new career. Find out any certifications that may be needed for you to start and progress in your new role.

Networking is the key to your growth. Connect with people who can help you navigate your career and the ones who can mentor you.

Remember that you are not starting from scratch. You have skills and experience from your previous job and those will help you in this new role. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Bring value and not just qualification to the job. Use your previous experience in your new role to create better value. Remember the journey that you have take has made you what you are.

Do not have unrealistic expectations. Set SMART goals and work on mini goals

Be flexible and ready to re-evaluate your situation. Be ready to step back or take another step in a different direction if need be.

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