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Gaslighting can exist in various places and context.

Personal Relationships

Gaslighting in personal relationships often serve as a tactic for control and manipulation. It can happen in romantic relations, between friends and in family


Gaslighting in the workplace is a manipulative behavior that occurs when individuals in positions of power or authority use psychological tactics to undermine and control their colleagues or subordinates.

Social Groups And Communities

Gaslighting can happen within social circles, friendship groups, or communities. In these contexts, individuals may employ gaslighting tactics to exert influence, ostracize others, or manipulate group dynamics for their own benefit.

Online Spaces

Gaslighting is prevalent in online platforms, including social media, discussion forums, or chat rooms. Trolls and cyberbullies may use gaslighting tactics to discredit or invalidate others' experiences, emotions, or opinions.

Political and Media Evironment

In this context, gaslighting refers to the intentional manipulation of information and narratives to distort reality, undermine truth, and shape public opinion for political gain or control.