9 Ways To Be More Attractive

By Divya Toshniwal

A temporary attraction can be created anytime and it vanishes soon too. Here are 9 steps you can follow to create a permanent attractiveness to your personality.

Smile. It is often underrated but it is the most important part of an attractive personality.

Smell nice or don't at all .   So if you are dealing with body odor do invest in a good perfume .

Dress up but for style and respect, not for attention. Make a style statement for yourself and don't be trendy, be classy. Develop a style and maintain it.

Know your surroundings and have an opinion. To be able to strike conversation and talk to people about things, in general, is a quality that can make you really attractive.

Speak positively about everyone. Not only others but also for yourself . This brings a ring of positive vibes around you and takes you to a good frequency of energy.

Have at least 3 hobbies that do not involve a screen. Having a world outside the digital world makes you different and makes you real.

Be a learner . The people with Know-it-all attitude reach nowhere in life and most of the other people like to stay away from them . Keep educating yourself .

Take out time for friends who need you, the children who need guidance and the elderly who need companions to talk to. Being a support for others will always make you more attractive than any label that you wear.

Be thankful for everything you have in life and also thank people for their presence and support. For even a little help that you get. Say Thank You .