Steps to

Build A Habit

By Divya Toshniwal

Belief become thoughts, thoughts become behaviors ,behaviors build habits, habits build characters and it is your character that determines your destiny.

You cannot turn your life around in just one day. Even if you want to change a lot in yourself my suggestion would be to list it all down and rank them according to priority. Choose one habit at a time and work on it.


Take it slow. Any habit that you want to build permanently in your character, you should take it slowly and accept it as your own rather than changing it all one day and then missing your old lifestyle.


Researchers say it takes 21 days to form a habit. So if you decide to want to build a habit, consistency is what will get you there.


Whenever you start anything new whether it's a project or a habit to form, it is always better to keep a track of what you have achieved by now and what else is on the to-do list.


Anchor a new habit. Anchoring refers to the process of associating an internal response with some external or internal trigger so that the response may be quick.


Being accountable means an obligation to report to someone. Be answerable to yourself. No one may set timelines or deadlines for you to develop a habit but you have to be your own monitor.


Only responsibility and no rewards? This one-sided love would not work in the long term. So, make little milestones and reward yourself when you achieve them. These little rewards would keep you going.


The obstacles in your mind are more dangerous than the external ones. Remove all the internal obstacles first and then you will have the power to deal with the external ones.


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