Identifying if a girl likes you romantically can be a little tricky. But a few signs can be helpful.

1. She looks at you for longer durations. Even in a room full of people her eyes will keep taking glimpses of you.

2. She finds subtle ways to touch you, such as lightly touching your arm, shoulder, or back during conversations.

3. She laughs at your jokes, even if they're not particularly funny, and seems to enjoy your sense of humor.

4. She may exhibit signs of jealousy when you mention spending time with other people or talking to other girls.

5. She initiates conversations with you, whether it's in person, through text messages, or on social media.

6. She tries to resolve your issues and understand your emotions.

7. She motivates you to thrive and progress in life. She pushes you to be better.

Communication is essential; if you're unsure about her intentions, consider having an open and honest conversation with her about your feelings and intentions.

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