6 Uncommon Signs of Stress

By Divya Toshniwal

Stress is something that is a part of each of our lives and if you are reading this article then it is the primary sign that you are stressed.

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You feel drained out. You do not have enough energy to do anything and suddenly even the tasks that you loved to do feel like a burden. You start preferring to stay in bed and relax.

You have trouble sleeping. It may not be insomnia to begin with but just disturbed sleep that appears as a sign of stress and alerts you.

You are more irritable and even the slightest deviations from what you wanted can piss you off.

You are more self-critical. You have less confidence in yourself.

The basic cognitive tasks like arithmetic , logic, or even decision making create extensive fatigue for you even before you have started doing it.

You are more forgetful. Stress and the stress hormones impact your memory and make you more forgetful about the little things in life

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