6 Step Sleep Routine For Better Sleep

By Divya Toshniwal

Self- Help

Fix a time to go to bed. 

Start your sleep routine 30 minutes before your bed time

Start your routine by topping your bed with a white or light colored bedsheet. 

This is like an indication to your mind that this is sleep time.

Take a warm water shower for 2 minutes. 

This will help you remove the stressful energy and toxins of the entire day.

Change into night clothes which are soft and easy on your skin

Keep your night and day clothes separate. do not wear the comfy pajamas you could wear all day long

Use lavender essential oil.

You can apply it at the back of your ear or spray some mist on your pillow.

Drink some warm chamomile tea with honey

Chamomile tea is a muscle relaxant.

Use the JPMR technique

Jacobson's progressive muscular relaxation is a routine that focuses on tightening and relaxing a group of muscles in particular pattern

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