Relatioship coaching

5 Ways to Show Your Partner You Care

By Divya Toshniwal

Being in a mindful relationship simply means being present for yourself and your partner. 

Listen to them when they talk. Put that phone aside, switch off the TV and remove the laptop in front of you when your partner wants to talk.

This makes them feel important and that they matter and are cared for. 

Give a compliment to them whenever you get a chance. Appreciate their little gestures.

This not only make them feel loved and cared for but also gives a boost to their self-confidence.

Be mindful of their personal triggers. There may be triggers that cause anger or sadness in them. Be aware and avoid such triggers.

This will not only show them that you are considerate of their feelings but also help you build a safe space for them where they can ease and relax, making your relationship more comfortable.

Remember the little things they love. Buy them their favorite fruits or flowers. Play their favorite music. You don't have to do something extraordinary just do the little things.

It shows them that you pay attention to their likes and dislikes. It shows them you care about them.

In times of disagreements, do not negate their feelings. Do not raise your voice to silence them. You may agree to disagree. Respect both yours and their feelings.

Most relationships break not because of the disagreements but how those disagreements were presented. Being mindful will help you navigate through without being disrespectful.

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