5 Key Takeaways From G20 Summit 2023

Biofuel Alliance

A total of 19 countries and 12 international organizations have so far agreed to join the alliance, including both G20 members and non-member countries. India, Brazil and the US are the founding members of the alliance.


For the first time , the Financial Stability Board and the IMF have joined forces to address crypto assets comprehensively. The primary objective is to identify necessary policy actions that balance regulation and financial stability.

G20 becomes G21

The African Union (AU) has been granted permanent membership in the group of 20 largest economies (G20) worldwide signifying the importance of the African economy on a global level.

2023- International Year of Millets

Millet based dishes dominated the G20 dinner menu. The move to serve Indian food to the G20 leaders not only showcases the rich culinary heritage of India but also aligns with the summit's theme of unity and a shared future.


The mentions of " Prime Minister of Bharat" and " President of Bharat" on invitation and using Bharat instead of India on the name plates are subtle but significant changes reminding us of our rich and ancient nation.