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Minimalism- Be More With Less
Your success in life will depend on two things – Energy and Resources. Where you put your energy and resources is what will determine where you reach and how you spend your life. This book reveals one of the several ways of how you can focus your energy and your resources to the right places and achieve your desired goals.  Minimalism is getting rid of the chaos to make space for what is important. Minimalism is not a goal, it is a tool to help you align with your most important values to take up your space and time. Minimalism is a tool that can help you create the life you want and give yourself the freedom to live that life. It’s a tool to help you live intentionally, so you can focus your time, space, energy, and attention on what matters most to you. This book explains the concept of minimalism and the need to shift from materialism to minimalism. It holds various methods to start your journey and to keep going. Minimalism is about having less and being more and this book holds the reasons for why you should take up minimalism. This will help you declutter your life and focus your energy and resources on reaching your goals.

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